We love illustration – a bumper selection of illustrations

You may have heard we just got into the AOI’s best of British contemporary illustration for the second year running. So we thought what better time to show you a compilation of the illustrations that we have created over the years from our studio in Derby and Nottingham.

Illustration is a fascinating area and can really make a brand come alive. Illustration can be a powerful part of your brand communications tool set. There are some situations where a photograph just doesn’t work, and this is an ideal reason to commission an illustrator. Some great uses of illustrations include creating a character illustrations, info graphic illustrations and creating gorgeous illustrated art work, to name but a few. How about when you have a complex concept you want to get across? Look no further than illustration.

Stylised contemporary illustration can help build brand loyalty and give your business an easy to understand visual language that typography and photography alone can not achieve. While illustration isn’t ideal for all businesses, it may be perfect for any business that doesn’t have a physical product. After all a key element of brand is navigation. What better way of standing out from your competition who offer very similar services than a distinctive illustration?

As you can probably tell, at Design and i we love illustration.

Visitor Support - Selected by aoi

Visitor Support

Info graphic

the greyhound

The Greyhound

em hiec info graphic

Info Graphic

Christmas leaflet

Christmas Grinch

The rack

Graphic Design will save the world

It will

Egg and spoon

Not average at all

Dreaming of beans

Revealed CD Back Card

Revealed Vintage

Dead good edward

Night night graham

Darkly Dreaming

Mono bot Duo bot

Belting illustration

Belting illustration


Revealing illustration

Oakley box


Panda robert

Bird hat

Calamari illustration

Usually good


Dead good


Another Visitor


Bat bot

Goth hair

Mono bot