Insider guide to commissioning brand logo design

Brand logo design is a fascinating area. It is one of the most important items you will have designed for your business brand. This is because a brand logo is the visual figurehead for your whole business. When someone thinks of your business, your brand logo design will probably be the first visual image that appears in their mind.  So with this in mind make sure to invest the appropriate time and money into this valuable brand asset.

Here are some insider tips which will give you the tools to understand brand logo design and help you attain the perfect logo for your brand.

  1. A  brand logo design without a brand concept is just a pretty graphic
  2. A brand logo design is the key element of a businesses brand identity – it should always be designed first.
  3. A brand logo design should be simple, memorable, versatile, original and be instantly recognisable.
  4. A brand logo design should be designed in a vector format (resolution independent) so it can be used for both print and web.
  5. A brand logo design should be an abstraction of the brands essence, personality and values. These should work on a subliminal level for the viewer.
  6. A brand logo design should work in both colour and black and white.
  7. A brand logo design should be paired down to its simplest form so that it works both at small and large sizes.
  8. A brand logo design should always be composed in CMYK or Pantone (or both). RGB will cause colour inconsistency between web & print.
  9. A brand logo design should always by a bespoke design. You don’t want to be sharing logos with other businesses around the world.
  10. A brand logo design should evolve with the clients input thought the different stages of the design process.
  11. A strong brand logo design takes time to develop and design, and requires experience. When considering quotes for brand logo design make sure they sound realistic for the time it will take and the level of design professional you want.
  12. A brand logo design should be provided in formats for print and web for both design professionals and general use for your company.

With these tips you should be able to make an education decision about a brand logo you are commissioning. If you have a brand project you would like to discuss, please get in contact and we will be happy to assist you.